Compound Classes
samp , pyrrolidine


Chemical Name : (S)-(-)-1- Amino-2-(Methoxymethyl) pyrrolidine
Synonym : SAMP
CAS Number : 59983-39-0
Structure :
Chemical Formula : C6 H 14 N2 O
Molecular Weight : 130.19
Specifications :  
Name of the Tests Obtained Specification for product by Bharavi Lab
Appearance Colorless to Light Yellow clear Liquid.
Assay by Titration method NA
Purity (GC Area%) ≥ 99.00% Isocratic in methanol at 180 0 C
Enantiomeric Excess NA
Specific rotation [α]D20 Neat -77 0
Density @ 25 0 C NA
Infrared spectrum Confirms to structure.
Stability of the product Stable at 2 to 8 0 C
Advantages of our process over existing are clean process by n-6 steps in house synthesis, thus better control & purity would be achieved above 95 %.
Manufacturing capacity
01 Ton per Month
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