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About Us

Bharavi Laboratories is a research-based, technology & product development company, catering to the changing needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Our cutting edge products are used in laboratories worldwide in both pharmaceutical and biochemical research to speed up new drug development. We endeavor to serve the scientific research community by staying ahead of the curve in new product development. We keep expanding our product range by introducing new products every month in our chosen fields, namely, resins for solution-phase and solid-phase organic and peptide synthesis, amino acid and chiral amino alcohol derivatives, chiral synthons, N-heterocycles and building blocks for combinatorial diversomer synthesis.

We specialize in offering products not generally found in most chemical catalogs. Our specialty products and custom synthesis services are used routinely by well-known and emerging customers alike, across the globe. Our technologies are innovative in terms of both the products we produce and the methodologies by which they can analyze. Repeat orders from several Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies worldwide reflect and confirm the quality of our products and services. We are also an ISO certified company.

About the Founder

Dr. B. Ravindranath (b.1947; M.Sc. 1967; Ph.D. 1971) has had several decades of R & D experience in various Universities, National Laboratories, and Private Research Organizations in India and U.S.A. He has authored/co-authored over 80 original research papers and 16 patents. He also authored a well-received textbook on “Principles and Practice of Chromatography” (Ellis Harwood, UK, 1989; 502 pp.) and edited two series of books, namely, “Chemistry and Biochemistry or Organic Natural Products” and “Chromatography: Principles & Practice” (Harwood Academic, Amsterdam).

Ten organic chemists got their Ph.D.s under his guidance from different Universities. His research interests and contributions cover several areas of chemistry, including synthetic organic chemistry, natural products, and chromatography, as well as products for solid-phase organic synthesis and combinatorial chemistry.

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